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No Whey Yogurt, the first Greek Yogurt company in Karachi, was founded by Zoya Kidwai, a Swiss Citizen who moved to Karachi in 2013. Concerned by the quality of flavoured yogurts available in Karachi, she started off by making her own yogurts, which then formed No Whey Yogurt!

Our products are all Swiss inspired and where many of our ingredients are sourced such as our oats, fruit, dried fruit, seeds and of course our Dark Swiss chocolate! We do not compromise on quality, ensuring that No Whey Yogurt uses premium ingredients resulting in great tasting, wholesome and healthy products.


The milk we use has been carefully sourced ensuring that it is hormone-free and organic and that the milk is completely unadulterated. The milk is pasteurised then set with live bacteria,  resulting in yogurt, which is an excellent source of protein, probiotics and promotes gut health!

 Swiss-inspired Granola and Swiss Bircher Muesli organically made their way onto our product listing.  Our granola is simple]y delicious; freshly baked using Jumbo oats, nuts, grains and seeds, with add-ons that enhance the flavour of the granola. Gluten-free granola options are available as well!

Ingredients in No Whey Yogurt Greek Yogurts

Plain: Pasteurised milk, live active cultures

Vanilla Bean: Pasteurised milk, live active cultures, vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste (contains glucose), sweetener

Latte: Pasteurised milk, live active cultures, coffee, sweetener
Cappuccino: Pasteurised milk, live active cultures, Coffee, dark Swiss chocolate chunks, sweetener

Honey: Pasteurised milk, live active cultures, Hazara honey
Strawberry: Pasteurised milk, live active cultures, strawberries, sweetener

Coconut: Pasteurised milk, live active cultures, Coconut milk, coconut, sweetener

Coconut with Chocolate Chunks:  Pasteurised milk, live active cultures, Coconut milk, coconut, sweetener

Along with the ingredients mentioned above, our yogurts contain Passion, Love and Commitment.

Passion for what we do, love for our customers and commitment to provide the best quality and service to all those who order and buy our products. 

We will do what we can to ensure our customers are happy with our products. 

 We are always open to your feedback, so we can continue to be the best.

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